About Us

Company History

We’re a young company, founded in the U.S., in 2002. In a short period of time we have fast become a leader in our space. We are a relationship company competing in the transactional world of IT. We are an anomaly, our customers are different too, they are organizations that use storage and server technologies to better serve customers, outperform competitors and favor quality products that contain a higher than normal value for money element and thereby assuring they get a rapid return on investment. They all value service and they reward high performance with loyal and lasting relationships.

Under strong leadership, we expect continuing growth and global expansion. Change and adaptability is built into our model. We have an advanced product and service delivery platform—with a full complement of technology and consulting services across most major industry segments, and a model that positions us well into the future.

Our Values

Our values are grounded in strong morals, transparency and sincerity. Customers trust us, and we generally form long—lasting relationships that make us integral contributors to their organizations. In fact, 95+% of our customers return to us when they begin new technology initiatives, whilst over 65+% of our new business is strictly by word of mouth.

Our People

We are a company of diverse, talented people with a passion for pursuing excellence in all that we do. We are delighted to engage with our customers to build and support innovative storage and server solutions that empower our customers.

Contact Information

Corporate Headquarters:
Acuteksystems LLC

North Charleston, SC 29405

Warehouse Location:

Longwood, FL 32750

Email Contacts:

Phone: 1-407-960-4690

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday:
10:00am – 6:00pm EST

Saturday and Sunday: