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Manufacturer Bio

Synology NAS ProductsSynology has its roots firmly set as being a proficient software house that then designed a Network Attached Storage with the first launch dating back seven years ago. Today Synology can brag on having one of the most intuitive front end storage management suites that is currently available by any manufacturer. There is little doubt DiskStation Manager 3.x software will for Synology make 2011 its “annus mirabilis”.

Synology also offers affordable Network Video Recorder (NVR) solutions for Home and Business that is based around the Synology storage range and offers an excellent way of managing surveillance for home and business users requiring that extra security for peace of mind. Some of the salient features are the deployment of 20 IP cameras per DiskStation and all of these being managed centrally and is scalable as well. Live view allows Multiple Channel viewing as well as viewing via iPhone and/or Android phones. The most useful feature has to be the ability to view remotely through the mobiles devices as well as any computer by merely invoking the browser with the correct IP address. All in all Synology seems to be a progress company in the area of Storage and Security.

North & South America
Synology America Corp.

2899 152nd Ave NE,
Redmond, WA 98052.
+1 425 296 3177 - Support
(Hours of operation: 9A-5P, M-F, GMT-8)
+1 425 818 1587 - Other Inquiries

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Product Overview

This product briefly covers the new Synology DS2413+ NAS. The DS2413+ is a 12 Bay Tower NAS with hot-swappable capabilities. The DS2413+ is scalable up to 24 Drives for a whopping capacity of 96TB (24 x 4TB) with the DX1211 expansion units. The NAS features 2 LAN ports with failover and link aggregation support; specifically designed for business and enterprise users to rapidly expand storage capabilities and minimize time spent on management and setup.

The DS2413+ also comes integrated with 2GB of fast DDR3 memory, with the ability to expand this to 4GB. SATA and SSD support coupled with the ability to aggregate the two LAN ports allows the DS2413+ to leave its competitors behind when it comes to performance.

Running Disk Station Manager (DSM) 4.1, the DS2413+ has an edge with software as well. One of the most advanced NAS O/S available, the DS2413+, boasts the capabilities of additional applications available through Synology’s stellar user base. An iOS/Android application allows you to utilize the DS2413+ when on the go and lets you access your data no matter where you are.

Product Specifications

As with most Synology products the DS2413+ is no slouch when it comes to looks; a sturdy design with lockable drive trays to secure your hard drives from theft or accidental ejection. LED indicators for HDD Lights and also a LCD panel displaying status and health of the DS2413+ via LED indicators.

The DS2413+ extends support for USB 3.0 along with the ability to attach a Wireless Dongle to the NAS. The DS2413+ operates at a very low 21.5 dB(A) and has a power consumptions of 111.1w (Access); 41.8W (HDD Hibernation).

Outstanding Features

Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) – The DS2413+ has the capability of SHR. Synology’s proprietary RAID is scalable and easy to manage. Smart enough to give you a 1 drive or 2 drive redundancy and making it easy to expand or replace HDD.


The Synology DS2413+ has excelled in performance compared to other 12 Bays Tower NAS. The DS2413+ showed the capability to handle multiple host connections and file transfers simultaneously. Link Aggregation which enabled the DS2413+ can deliver speeds averaging 201.03MB/sec reading speed under a SHR Configuration, and 196.87 MB/sec writing. This also allows the DS2413+ to be a great storage solution for all your virtualization needs being iSCSI and virtualization ready.

Overall Synology has outshined with the next iteration of their 12 Bay NAS and have definitely raised the bar with performance and reliability with the new DS2413+.


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