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Thecus N5550 NAS 5 bay Server Diskless

Thecus N5550 NAS diskless server, scalable to 50TB, Diskless



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Status:    available
SKU : N5550
Manufacturer : Thecus
Manufacturer Part # : N5550
Condition:   New

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Thecus® is proud to present itself as a technological innovator. Once again, Thecus® releases an all new 5-bay N5550 server to lead the competition. The past proves merit: link aggregation, LCM display, USB 3.0, multi RAID functions and so on. Impressive technologies have been used to develop the new N5550 NAS to serve one single purpose: improve user experience and satisfaction.

Intel® Atom™ CPU: silent power

Intel® Atom™ CPUs are designed to work without fans. This will dramatically reduce NAS noise and power consumption.

Associated with large amounts of DDR3, Intel® Atom™ CPUs will provide much better performance. Don’t be restricted to a 4-bay NAS, bring it up a notch, Thecus® N5550 is available and boosts the best performance with a great price, without entering larger bay units. Multi-users environment, web hosting, intense backup, data encryption, application serving, heavy RAID computations, and HD multimedia streaming: welcome to the world of smooth multi-tasking!

McAfee Antivirus: preventing possible threats

The N5550 NAS is McAfee antivirus embedded meaning that users can have confidence that their sensitive data will be protected by the most advanced antivirus software, McAfee.

USB 3.0: from optional to mandatory

Thecus® started integrating USB 3.0 more than one year ago, enabling this blazing fast protocol on most storage devices by embedding a PCI-e slot. On popular demand, future NAS will equip at least one port for USB 3.0 transfer rates of 10 times faster than USB 2.0.

HDMI, VGA and Audio out: removing the middle man

After installing the proper module, simply plug a screen by the use of HDMI output, you don’t even need a computer anymore to check on your NAS! Local display via HDMI makes things that much more convenient, directly attach keyboard and mouse to start data management.

The N5550 also supports VGA output for attaching traditional televisions, projectors and monitors. VGA output makes this 5-bay NAS convenient to display presentation or media files when HDMI is not on hand.

To add, users can attach speakers directly to the N5550 NAS to play audio files. With audio out, managing media and audio files is simple; attach the speaker plug to audio out and you’re set to go!

Ideal for small installations and/or mobile users, these features are designed to lower the total cost of ownership of your network architecture.

Specifications: N5550 for High Value Storage

- Intel® Atom™ Processor
- 2GB of DDR3
- USB 3.0
- HDMI output
- LCM Display

Condition: New
Manufacturer's Warranty: Limited warranty 24 months for parts and 24 months for labor.
HDD Config: Diskless
Processor: Intel Atom Processor D2550 (1.86GHz Dual Core)
Installed Memory: 2GB DDR3
LAN Port: RJ-45x2: Intel 82574L 10/100/1000 BASE-TX Auto MDI/MDI-X, WOL supported
SATA Interface: 6 x SATA III for internal
USB: USB 2.0 host port x4 (Back x4), USB 3.0 host port x1 (Front x1)
RAID: 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and JBOD
UPC Code: 884956003526

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Why select SimplyNAS as your Storage provider?

  • Industry Specialist – Our name says it all! – We specialize in Network Storage and this helps us focus on the bigger picture thus assuring our customers always stay ahead of the data protection curve.
  • Manufacturer Supported – Our manufacturing partners are carefully selected as they offer the best products and services in their respective market segmentation, we carefully supplement any gaps to ensure a perfect fit for our customers for their purchase.
  • Ethical Products – SimplyNAS will only sell new products and these are acquired directly from manufacturers & authorized recommended manufacturer channels only. We do not sell refurbished or refresh products.
  • Deployment Ready – All our systems are meticulously configured and burn tested, enabling our customers to use the systems right out of the box with the most reliable firmware revision. (Systems with preinstalled HDD only).
  • Service Facilitation – Our service level is enviable – knowledgeable and friendly people, with our keen pricing, swiftest turnaround possible and excellent pre-sales support. Coupled with a sophisticated and comprehensive testing methodology and our vast expertise of network storage, why would you want to buy anywhere else?
  • Manufacturer Warranty – SimplyNAS will ensure you are never compromised with manufacturer’s warranty by following the required guidelines.

What is NASBIT?

Purchase our NASBIT testing service here


NASBIT© is a SimplyNAS initiative aptly named Network Attached Storage Burn in Testing. This term is used to describe the process of testing new Network Attached Storage (NAS) hardware and firmware for faults before putting it to use in a live environment. This is done by running 'Stress testing' software for a stipulated period of time, but longer if required.

Whenever we receive an order with hard disks drives pre-installed, it is configured and a complete burn in is carried out to ensure the server hardware is up to our high standards. If the hardware and any associated components fail at any point, we return it back to our vendor partners. The actual process is easy, although setting it up isn't.

Hard Disk Drives

All Hard disk drives are pre-tested prior to integration; any possible faulty drives prior to this stage are already eliminated.

Once installed they will undergo a series of stress tests including severe temperature fluctuations allowing adaptability in differing temperate environments.

Our stress testing software writes large volumes of data to the hard drives over and over again to ensure that the drive platters are functional, and it will also delete and move files, and check the disks for errors.


First, when the new server is turned on, we boot off of the network, and proceed to run the memory test that takes its sweet time and takes nearly 10-12 hours dependent on manufacturer and model.


The appropriate RAID level is set and the system awaits completion of RAID synchronization. Once completed the NAS server undergoes numerous re-boots and a deletion of original RAID and a final re-build of RAID level again.


Our software performs several tasks to test the CPU. It compiles the Linux kernel over and over again, runs complicated mathematical problems, and runs code specifically written to run the CPU at its hottest.

Why is NAS Burn in Testing (NASBIT©) necessary?

If within the designated time span the NAS server is still running and hasn't crashed, it is considered suitable for rolling out to be deployed. If it fails the tests anywhere along the way, it is packed up and returned to be replaced with new. NAS servers that have survived this process will certainly survive almost anything you can thrown at them.

You would normally expect that this level of testing would be completed by the hardware manufacturers and so these tests shouldn't show up any faults. In our experience of testing hundreds of machines we do find faults, and we do send systems back.

The reason it is so important to perform this level of testing on NAS servers is that the uptime demands are so high. The slightest faults will cause outages and downtime. Once a NAS server is deployed, never again will you have the opportunity to take it offline and perform such detailed testing. Even if it were to crash, there is always a demand that it be put back online as quickly as possible, not left offline whilst thorough diagnostics are completed.

Pass Data Quickly (PDQ) is a methodology we have designed allowing us to copy large chunks of data back and forth to test the integrity of all the hard disk drives installed as well as the system's on board RAID controller for reliance on reliability and data protection.

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