Thecus N7700PRO 7 Bay NAS Review

Thecus N7700PRO is a well specified NAS server with innovative touches that only a seasoned storage manufacturer would design and deploy, the inclusion of a 10GbE optional port is champion, they also offer a 10GbE add-on card in their own brand, the commitment is huge on their part, the performance of the system totally blew us away, the fastest NAS in our labs to date. On its way to supremacy it chalked up points in every category including value for money and staked its claim for becoming an outright winner for our excellence award.

Thecus N16000 16-bay NAS Product Review

The Thecus N16000 shows how it really should be done, it has it all, bleeding edge performance, high specification, excellent warranty, and a massive capacity booster, it seems this model and the N12000 will allow Thecus to dominate this sector for a while, most certainly sounds like its saying, move over competitors Thecus has arrived.

Thecus N8900 Unifed NAS Product Review

The Thecus N8900 gave us excellent scores at our benchmark tests suffice to add they were the best ever achieved by any 8-bay NAS that has passed through our labs, showing it has the extra performance that many users need. The build quality was excellent clearly showing the commitment Thecus has made by integrating superior quality components and raising the overall reliability ratio of the unit. Clearly Thecus will keep this jewel in its crown firmly within its grasp, ensuring its competitors don’t prize it away. If you are in the market for an 8-bay that rocks, the N8900 will be an outstanding addition to your storage assets. The Thecus N8900 is a worthy recipient of our Excellence award.

Synology RS3411RPxs NAS Product Review

The Synology RS3411RPxs is a well built unit that exudes quality, has a decent turn of performance and offers features that are well up there. iSCSI performed well and was easy to install, as was the setup of VMware, intuitive wizard based, ease of use is probably one of the best we have seen. This is a new area for Synology as they seem to have been restricted to 5-bays and below for a long time, it’s a great start and one we are confident Synology will improve on for many years to come.

QNAP TS-879 PRO 8 Bay NAS Review

QNAP have clearly designed the TS-879 PRO from the ground up, and has no equals in its portfolio. The range with high end features, great turn of speed in virtual mode, will appeal to all users and in particular to enterprise, educational and governmental buyers. The remote replication feature will be an absolute boon for those needing a competitive but reliable Disaster Recovery Storage solution. The TS-879PRO has a lot going for it, and undeniably and deservedly receives our coveted Performance Award. Should the range continue to maintain its pose for all that it stands for including its reliability aspect, this may well become QNAP’s Annus Mirabilis.

QNAP TS-879U-RP 8 Bay Rackmount NAS Review

QNAP TS-879U-RP is well designed and build quality is impressive. The feature set is comprehensive as it provides for Small Business as well as targeting Enterprise users with features that would normally be found in Storage servers costing 25K plus. In the area of performance the TS-879U-RP out foxes every other manufacturer models in its class, with the ability of upgrading the memory, the performance can only get better and better. In the virtual mode the TS-879U-RP worked well with VMware, and iSCSI performance was well above average. The TS-879U-RP is a credible and worthy enterprise NAS server and we could find no flaws worth mentioning. Absolutely Perfecto! The QNAP TS-879U-RP is a worthy recipient of our Excellence award for excelling in all aspects.


The Thecus N7700PRO / N7700 PRO systems are well endowed as it is on par with all the other units at this level. The QNAP TS-809PRO is slightly slower whilst the Netgear 6-bay ReadyNAS PRO Business edition is again slightly slower as is the ReadyNAS Ultra 6 Plus which is much the same as the ReadyNAS PRO business edition. The N7700PRO is the fastest of the bunch just piping the TS-809PRO to the finish line.

THECUS N8900 Full-Featured 8 Bay 2U Rackmount NAS Server

The Thecus N8900 features the latest firmware revision as well having full 64-bit kernel support making provision for 6Gb/s dual SAS and SATA support courtesy of the PCI-e LSI combo controller. Designed from the ground up and not like many other units, merely a CPU upgrade here and there then repacked and sold, this one hosts the Intel Core i3-2120 processor, integrates 2 cores at 3.3GHz and the performance is optimized with a generous 8GB of DDR3 memory allowing for excellent response times for virtualized environments and storage operations.

QNAP TS-879U-RP 8 bay Rackmount NAS

The TS-879U-RP features USB 3.0 ports for high speed backup to external hard drives. EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, and HFS+ file systems are supported to ensure compatibility with Windows, Mac® OS X, and Linux operating systems. Also the TS-879U-RP offers network expansion options which include dual-port 1 GbE and dual-port 10 GbE network expansion cards, to aggregate and boost network performance. The TS-879U-RP includes two Gigabit (GbE) LAN ports which can be expanded to four GbE LAN ports or two 10 GbE LAN ports plus two GbE ports.


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