QNAP TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP 15 bay Rackmount NAS

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Manufacturer Bio

QNAP is a provider of Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Network Video Recorder (NVR) solutions, based out of its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. QNAP maintains a powerful global network of professional resellers of whom a few provide system integration for their product range. QNAP continues to maintain a product range that complements current technology trends and also timely updates to ensure all QNAP products remain cutting edge.

QNAP has quickly replaced dated manufacturers who have not evolved from a technology sense and forged ahead rapidly grabbing market share and in turn had impressive growth over the last few years.

QNAP US Office

166 University Parkway, Pomona CA 91768
TEL: 909-595-2819
FAX: 909-595-2816
Service Hours: 08:00–17:00 (GMT–08:00 Pacific Time, Mon–Fri)


Support e-mail: SUPPORT@QNAP.COM

Product Overview

QNAP has launched a new series of the NAS that includes the TVS-1580MU-SAS-RP. The new TVS-x80u-SAS range has a host of new features that are very important to an enterprise business and benefits the workflow environment of any business. QNAP's introduction of hot-data tiering will benefit anyone with large files that need quick access at all times. The hot-data tiering functionality is automatic and thus requires very low maintenance making it an ideal solution for businesses that do not want their storage requirements to have the need for a dedicated IT department.

The Auto Teiring functionality is enabled by QNAP's Qtier Technology. This allows the NAS to move hot-data to high-performance storage tiers and cold data to lower-cost, higher-capacity drives. This makes the new TVS-x80u-SAS range and extremely efficient shared storage resource. Businesses no longer have to invest heavily in expensive Flash storage and can deploy just one solution, rather than multiple solutions for their data needs.

The TVS-x80-SAS range supports 12Gbps SAS drives to provide fast data transmission speeds and drive up to 3,816 MB/s throughput and 238,392 IOPS. The ability to mix and add 2.5' and 3.5' hard drives to the NAS gives you the ability to have a hybrid storage solution and helps you create an efficient unified and tiered storage solution.

Last but not least the TVS-x80u-SAS range has added the ability to integrate 10/40/56 GbE. Using the Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro adapter cards the QNAP NAS can now achieve significantly higher through for high-performance I/O applications and virtualization acceleration. Along with the Auto Tiering functionality and ability to add mSATA cache the new QNAP TVS-x80u-SAS range is really one of the best NAS ranges available on the market currently, and very hard to touch when it comes to speed.

The unit measures 88(H) x 442.5(W) x 530.5(D) mm weighing at 21.41 kg/ 47.20 lb. (Gross) and has an output of 55.3 dB with 9x HGST HUS724020ALA640.

Product Specs

The TVS-1580MU-SAS-RP is designed with an Intel® Xeon® E3-1246 v3 Family 3.5 GHz Quad-core Processor at the heart of it supported by 16GB DDR3 memory installed (ECC RAM can be used instead), with a maximum expansion to 32GB which would take the form of 8GB x 4 – to achieve this the original 4GB memory modules do need to be removed.

The TVS-1580MU-SAS-RP offers 4 x inbuilt Gigabit Ethernet ports and expandable up to 8 x 1 Gb LAN or 4 x 10 Gb + 4 x 1 Gb LAN by installing optional dual-port 10 Gb and 1 Gb network card.

The TVS-1580MU-SAS-RP features quad USB 3.0 and quad USB 2.0 ports for high speed backup to external hard drives. EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, and HFS+ file systems are supported to ensure compatibility with Windows, Mac® OS X, and Linux operating systems.


QTS 4.2 - Empower Your Business and Home Life

QTS 4.2 continues the evolution of the NAS user interface with a fresh look and many new features and enhancements, empowering you to achieve more at work and play. As QTS keeps your data secure yet accessible anywhere, you can explore more possibilities by harnessing the power of your data. Discover how QTS has transformed and what it empowers you to do.

Auto Tiering with Qtier Technology

QNAP’s Qtier Technology empowers the TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP with Auto Tiering that helps continuously optimize storage efficiency. With Auto Tiering, the TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP can automatically move hot data to high-performance storage tiers and cold data to lower-cost, higher-capacity drives, making the TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP an extremely efficient shared resource. Businesses will no longer have to invest heavily in expensive Flash technology, but can still enjoy exceptional application performance and lower TCO of storage from Auto Tiering with the TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP.

12Gbps DataBolt™ Advantage

Implementing DataBolt technology, the TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP can deliver twice the throughput for 6Gbps SAS drives by automatically aggregating the bandwidth from 3Gbps and 6Gbps drives to fully utilize 12Gbps, effectively accelerating the existing infrastructure.

Volume & LUN snapshot simplifies restoration

QTS Storage Manager adds an easy-to-use web-based snapshot tool for you to easily back up and restore data on the TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP back to any point of time to prevent loss of important data. You can take snapshots for both volumes and LUN, efficiently replicate volume/LUN snapshots to remote servers by copying only the changes made, and quickly clone a volume /LUN snapshot as a local volume without interrupting the current system operation. You can even set up the system to automatically take a snapshot of the volume before backup via RTRR/rsync, even when the file is opened.

SSD cache acceleration

The TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP features 2 pre-installed 128GB mSATA modules, and there are no limits on using SSDs for caching. By installing high-performance SSDs, the IOPS performance of storage volumes can remarkably boost. It is perfect for improving overall workflow of random IOPS demanding applications such as database and virtualization. The internal cache port design reserves the space of hard drive tray for more storage capacity.

Removable motherboard drawer for easy maintenance

With the TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP's removable motherboard drawer, IT administrators have easier access in upgrading/installing RAM, the internal cache, 40GbE adapter and other components. The motherboard itself can be removed and replaced without needing to remove the heavy TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP from the rack cabinet, making it especially useful in maintaining the TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP in data centers with multiple rack cabinets.

Note: The TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP is not hot-pluggable and must be powered-off before removing the motherboard drawer.

Get ready for 40GbE to your TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP

The TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP offers four inbuilt Gigabit Ethernet ports and supports 10 Gigabit high speed network by installing 10GbE network adapter. If 10GbE is insufficient for some workloads, the TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP supports Mellanox® ConnectX-3 Pro adapter cards with 10/40/56 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to deliver the most cost-effective computing and storage Ethernet Interconnection solution. It helps achieve significantly higher throughput for high-performance embedded I/O applications and virtualization acceleration. Businesses can greatly benefit from the fast, flexible storage network of the 40GbE-ready TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP for boosting their mission-critical IT performance.

Seamless capacity expansion

The TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP supports online capacity expansion by cascading multiple QNAP RAID expansion enclosures to meet the needs of growing business data. With QNAP scale-up solution, total storage capacity can be gradually expanded on demand. It is especially useful for large data applications, such as video surveillance, data archiving, and TV broadcast storage.


The TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP supports 12Gbps SAS drives to provide fast data transmission speeds and drive up to 3,816 MB/s throughput and 238,392 IOPS*. Powered by an Intel® Xeon® E3 v3 quad-core processor with 16GB or 8GB DDR3 ECC RAM, the TVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP greatly enhances the efficiency of CPU-demanding tasks and serves more concurrent tasks. Its 3.5” & 2.5” drive hybrid architecture makes it perfect for creating efficient unified and tiered storage to optimize business operational efficiency, with 2.5” drives allocated for caching while 3.5” drives for massive data storage.



Tested in QNAP Lab. Figures may vary by environment.
Test Environment: 4 Client PC configurations: Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, Windows 7 professional 64-bit, Dual-port Intel X520 10GbE Server Adapter, IOMeter sequential read and write.
NAS Configuration: Plextor PX-256MPro ; F/W:1.07, SSDs with RAID 5 configuration, QNAP LAN-10G2T-U dual-port 10GBase-T network adapter*2


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