Synology RS10613xs+ NAS server

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Manufacturer Bio

Synology has its roots firmly set as being a proficient software house that then designed a Network Attached Storage with the first launch dating back seven years ago. Today Synology can brag on having one of the most intuitive front end storage management suites that is currently available by any manufacturer. There is little doubt DiskStation Manager 3.x software will for Synology make 2011 its “annus mirabilis”.

Synology also offers affordable Network Video Recorder (NVR) solutions for Home and Business that is based around the Synology storage range and offers an excellent way of managing surveillance for home and business users requiring that extra security for peace of mind. Some of the salient features are the deployment of 20 IP cameras per DiskStation and all of these being managed centrally and is scalable as well. Live view allows Multiple Channel viewing as well as viewing via iPhone and/or Android phones. The most useful feature has to be the ability to view remotely through the mobiles devices as well as any computer by merely invoking the browser with the correct IP address. All in all Synology seems to be a progress company in the area of Storage and Security.

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Product Overview

This product briefly covers the new Synology RackStation RS10613xs+ NAS server. The Synology RS10613xs+ consist of 10 x 3.5” or 2.5” SATA/SAS bays, and 2 x 2.5” SSD for Cache purposes providing the system with the ability to perform heavy duty tasks with ease and increase the performance level of the system overall. The total capacity aside from the SSD cache is 40TB currently, utilizing the 4TB enterprise drives. All drive bays are equipped with hot-swappable capabilities, and the capacity can be increased further by adding another eight Synology RX1213sas, purchased separately allowing to scale to a humungous 424TB, that is by far more than adequate for scalability. Synology RackStation RS10613xs+ simplifies data management, optimizes virtualization environments, and rapidly expands storage capacity with minimal time investment in setup and maintenance. Synology RS10613xs+ is backed with Synology’s 3-year limited warranty. 5-year Warranty extensions can be sought and are available directly through Synology.

Powered by the innovative Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), RS10613xs+ comes fully-equipped with applications and features designed specifically for large-scale business:

  • Easy integration with existing business network environments through Windows AD and LDAP directory services without recreating user accounts.

  • Windows ACL support provides fine-grained access control and efficient privilege settings, allowing RS10613xs+ to fit seamlessly into current infrastructure.

  • Built-in backup applications protect information assets by regularly backing up files and iSCSI LUNs locally and remotely.

  • Continuous data protection with snapshots of shared folders allows restoration of previous versions when the need arises.

  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) on shared folders with hardware acceleration ensures security without compromising access performance.

The Synology RS10613xs+ offers Superior Performance coupled with reliability increasing the availability and disaster recovery options. The option to scale up to 424TB provides any owner with the opportunity to add another eight devices with ease and expanding the longevity of the system. The RS10613xs+ achieves unification of storage by integrating file-level (NAS) and block-level (SAN) storage into a one storage system and with comprehensive business applications, seamless storage solutions for virtualization environments the RS10613xs+ is clearly a forerunner for the enterprise storage crown.

Product Specs

The RS10613xs+ is highly specified with an Intel Quad Core 3.3GHz processor, supporting floating point and Hardware Encryption Engine, with 8GB DDR ECC ram expandable to 32GB. The internal drives bays are all hot-swappable HDD/SSD:3.5" or 2.5" SATAII/SATAIII/SAS X10, 2.5" SSD Cache X2 (Hard drive not included), maximum internal capacity of 40TB raw storage excluding RAID, external HDD connectivity is 2 x expansion ports and 4 x USB 2.0, the support for Local Area Network is in the form of 4 x Gigabit ports with optional 2 x 10GbE add-on card is supported, ability to perform link aggregation as well as turn on Wake on LAN/WAN functionality. The redundant power supply is provided as standard, with Power Consumption being 142W (Access); 110W (HDD Hibernation) with a Power Frequency of 50/60 Hz, Single Phase. The dimensions of the unit are Size (HxWxD) : 88 X 445 X 570 mm and weighs in at 15.7Kg.


The RS10613xs+ is a tremendously versatile NAS server despite its business classification it still has appeal to professional home users as well as the serious hobbyist that generate enormous amount of data. For the home user the compatibility and convergence with TV, DLNA devices, computers, and stereos, these are about sharing and convergence for you and your family? It’s all about sharing. DSM makes file sharing between family members a breeze and lets living room TV play out the same movie that your brother is watching on his laptop. In short, DiskStation connects everything and gives you the best entertainment.

The business users have requirements for efficiency and productivity that is currently at an all-time high. This means seamlessly integration with existing infrastructure, different ways to access data, and comprehensive data protection scheme. DSM offers complete support for Windows AD and LDAP, a suite of value add applications to facilitate business need, as well as tools to secure the system's health.


The RS10613xs+ and the RS3413xs+ both turned in excellent performance ratios, even more so, if upgraded to 10GbE platform. The sequential IOPS resulted in a figure of 410215.05 for Reads and 268510.06 for Writes. The RS10613xs+ is a tremendously versatile NAS server despite its business tendencies it will still also appeal to professional home users as well as the serious hobbyist who tend to generate enormous amounts of data. We have yet to do undertake comprehensive performance testing, but initial IOPS results are pleasing making this model a must for users wanting good performance, reliability and compatibility.


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