Synology FlashStation FS3017/FS2017 Overview

Synology FlashStation FS3017/FS2017 Overview


The Synology FlashStation FS2017 and FS3017 NAS systems are super-powered SSD server solutions for high-speed large-scale enterprise environments. These NAS solutions contain high-end processors and practically limitless RAM capacities, and they feature almost unbelievable IOPS rates. The FS2017 and FS3017 are equipped with Synology’s comprehensive DSM user interface, and these NAS systems can admit up to 24 SSD drives. With RAID F1 technology and Btrfs filesystems, the FS2017 and FS3017 include state-of-the-art architecture for handling super-fast SSD read and write speeds, and they come with warranties that will keep you covered for five years after the purchase date.


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