The FS3400 NAS unit is suitable for enterprise-level users that wish to store and back up their data conveniently. The real-time transcoding and hardware decoding capability, in particular, makes this unit an excellent option for businesses that handle large volumes of sensitive data.


Synology FS3400 NAS with Intel® Xeon® D-1541 8 Core 2.1 GHz CPU, 16GB ECC RDIMM memory expandable to 128GB, delivers over 137,000 4K random write IOPS, features an in-built 10GbE Ethernet, PCIe expansion, all-flash server deployment, supports various SATA and SAS drives (Up to 72 x SAS/SATA drives), diskless 24 bay 2U rackmount, quiet, full-speed and cooling mode fan, full app support, and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The FlashStation FS3400 NAS is designed to deliver lightning-speed, flexible, and economical server deployment. With over 137,000 4K random write IOPS, the device meets the needs of online transaction processing, mission-critical database services, and real-time analytics. Therefore, the unit can go toe-to-toe with the so-called enterprise-class NAS devices. By using it, you are guaranteed fast, stable, and secure solutions for file, cloud, and backup services, and virtual server environments.


Synology FS3400 NAS device was announced as the successor to the RS18017xs+. It is built with both business users in mind. The prosumer-focused slim design delivers ample headspace for six 2.5-inch SATA drives. Here are some exciting features about the unit:

  • Lightning speeds with lower TCO due to emphasis on Flash storage
  • Can be expanded using Synology custom-made expansion hardware for a max of 72 storage drives
  • 184.32 TB Maximum Internal Raw Capacity (552.96 TB with expansion units)
  • Easily replacement system fan
  • Supports different RAID types
  • Supports the real-time transcoding of up to 2 H.264/H.265 4K videos concurrently
  • Slim design
  • Compatible with IP surveillance cameras

The Ultimate Backup Solution

Businesses collect a lot of data, which needs to be backed up to avoid costly losses. Synology has touted its FS3400 NAS device as the ultimate backup solution, and it’s easy to see why. It integrates multiple backup applications to ensure that your data gets safeguarded on all devices with intuitive user interfaces. With this unit, you can conveniently centralize backup tasks for file servers, VMware, and Windows. Likewise, you can quickly and reliably restore whatever data you want, and when needed.

The hyper backup capability of the device is also exceptional. Synology FS3400 allows you to back up your data comprehensively to external devices, other Synology NAS devices, a public cloud, or local shared folders. This ensures data safety. Moreover, you can safeguard your PC using the device’s Cloud Station Backup functionality. This entails backing up data stored on your macOS devices to Synology NAS using Time Machine.

Synology FS3400 also provides active backup for G Suite and Office 365. Therefore, it helps you safeguard any corporate data that you might have stored in the cloud. This on-site backup solution has a centralized dashboard, and thus allows you to optimize storage solution by leveraging its block-level and single instancing duplication technology. The unit offers more than typical storage since it enables you to create several Virtual PC interfaces for shared users through their browsers.

Unmatched Functionality

Synology FS3400 has been described as a NAS device that can fuel IT transformation for small and medium enterprises as well as big businesses. Its 8-core CPU guarantees quick data filing, synchronization, and backup. The 16GB ECC RDIMM memory can be expanded further, something that makes this unit suitable for businesses that store large volumes of data. If you run out of hard drive storage space when using this unit, you can conveniently scale its capacity to a whopping 96TB using 12 extra hard drives.

Furthermore, you can directly expand the RAID volume of this NAS device without necessarily formatting the existing hard drives. In doing so, its service won’t get interrupted when undertaking capacity expansion. The superiority of the unit is attested to by the fact that its SSD and RAID drives can work concurrently.

Due to the individual peculiarities of RAID and SSD technology, it’s challenging to prevent all drives in a NAS unit from failing concurrently. The unit does this by evenly distributing workload between the drives. As a result, the storage pool will remain resilient, thus ensuring that your data remains safe.

Comprehensive Storage Virtualization

Synology iSCSI storage supports nearly all virtualization solutions, thus enhancing work efficiency using the simple management interface of the device. Likewise, VAAI and VMware vSphere 6 integration enables you to offload storage operations besides optimizing computational efficiency. Synology FS3400 has Windows Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) capability, which spends up migration rate and data transfer. On the other hand, OpenStack Cinder support transforms the NAS device into a block-based storage unit.

In-House Synology Support

Since Synology DSM powers the FS3400 unit, you are guaranteed a smooth transition between clustered servers, especially during server failure. This minimizes the impact of such incidents on your applications. FS3400 comes with enterprise-grade features and applications that are designed for large-scale businesses. Windows LDAP and AD support ensure smooth integration with current business directory services. Internet file access is streamlined by the FTF server, which is encrypted, and a web-based Synology File Station.

IP auto-block, firewall, and HTTPS support guarantee secure file-sharing over the Internet. Synology MailPlus provides a reliable, secure, and private mail server, thus ensuring seamless communication. The virtual machine manager enables you to run multiple operating systems in secluded sandboxes. Similarly, you can clone, restore, and transfer virtual machines seamlessly. The Synology Drive file management and synchronization solution is provided to ensure real-time filing and backup.

Flexibility at Its Best

FS3400 NAS unit comes with Samsung’s SSD 860 EVO 2.5 inch SATA 6 GB/s hard disks. The combination delivers a reliable, long-term NAS solution with unmatched media file access, synchronization capability, and sophisticated surveillance. Similarly, you can have JBOD, RAID 1, RAID O, RAID 10, and RAID 5 set up on the device. This ensures that the unit as well its Samsung drives stay in perfect working condition for ages.

Synology FS3400 you can integrate multiple IP surveillance camera brands into the unit since it is compatible with more than 7,300 IP cameras. For customization purposes, you can upgrade your Device Pack so that you enhance your Surveillance Station’s camera compatibility. Synology is renowned for its commitment to improving the compatibility of its NAS units with various USB devices, network peripherals, and drives. The FS3400 NAS unit is not any different from other NAS devices in the brand’s production line. It is compatible with a range of wireless routers, IP speakers, I/O modules, and other devices.

Quality Assurance

As an attestation to the quality of its products, Synology covers its FS3400 NAS device with a 5-year warranty. This assures you of reliable and robust data management experience as well as responsive hardware replacement services and responsive technical support to optimize your return on investment.

Application and User Case

The FS3400 NAS unit is suitable for enterprise-level users that wish to store and back up their data conveniently. The real-time transcoding and hardware decoding capability, in particular, makes this unit an excellent option for businesses that handle large volumes of sensitive data.

The comprehensive tech support from Synology and the productivity-enhancing applications that come with the unit are outstanding. The unit has a considerable noise output (57dB), and you may have to install it in a server room. Even though the retail price doesn’t include the cost of internal hard drives, Synology FS3400 remains the go-to NAS device for those who want to safeguard their data at a relatively affordable cost ($6,299.99).

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