RS3618xs Introduction

The RackStation RS3618xs is optimized for large-scale data storage in medium-sized business or established enterprise applications. This NAS by Synology makes it easy to manage all of your data, and it serves as a fluid and responsive platform for operating multiple simultaneous virtualizations . It features a quad-core CPU, and it can admit up to 64GB of RAM, which means that it is capable of easily handling even the most intensive NAS functions. The RS3618xs uses the next-generation Btrfs file system, and it comes equipped with Synology's comprehensive DSM user interface. In addition, this fine-tuned and powerful storage NAS comes with a five-year warranty that will keep you covered in any situation, and it features 12 SATA bays.



High-Powered Quad-Core CPU

The RS3618xs is equipped with a state-of-the-art quad-core CPU, which makes it equipped to handle even the most resource-intensive NAS tasks. This CPU can deliver processing power of up to 2.7GHz and delivers virtualization environments with ease. Best of all, this quad-core processor is highly energy-efficient, which means it won't strain the power supply of the RS3618xs or contribute much to the total on your power bill.


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