Synology RS4017xs+ Product Brief

Synology RS4017xs+ Product Brief

RS4017xs+ with 8-core 2.1GHz D-1541 Xeon, burst up to 2.7GHz, 8GB DOR4-2133 ECC UDIMM memory expandable up to 64 GB, Dual Two 10GBase-T ports with up to 10GbE NIC support, 3U chassis with 16 SATA drive ports, three 8cms diameter cooling fans. Software: Cloud Station server support, comes with two free camera licenses, Automatic cross-platform data synchronization, Powered by the QTS 4.2 operating system with full support.

All workplaces with Network-Attached Systems (NAS) are facing a growing demand for data storage, multimedia processing, and sharing. Exceptional power, high capacity, and ample storage– these are some of the features that Synology touts its RS4017xs+ device as having. RS4017xs+ is the biggest NAS appliance from Synology’s production chain, besides being the pioneer 3U 16-bay rackmount device.

Synology RS4017xs+ is a powerful storage solution that was created with storage-hungry SMBs in mind. It supports high-capacity, low-cost SATA drives, and is a suitable choice for surveillance vaults and vast backup repositories. Here’s what makes this storage unit special.

  • Centralized file storage with backup and sharing capability. It also has top-notch storage efficiency, thanks to the User Quota System that provides complete quota control for all user accounts.

  • Allows you to run several Android™/Windows®/Linux®/UNIX® virtual machines

  • Incredible expansion options, thus guaranteeing a tremendous amount of storage space in your rack cabinet

  • Comes with a generous five-year warranty as well as an optional replacement service that gives you peace of mind.


Storage and Backup Reliability

Synology is synonymous with data protection. Its RS4017xs+ NAS device lives up to standard if its storage and backup capacity are anything to go by. The BTRFS storage system of the unit features cutting-edge technologies that meet the needs of both small and large businesses. By leveraging the Snapshot Replication feature, you are guaranteed storage capacity-saving data protection, which is schedulable.

You can scale up the unit’s storage capacity by connecting it to either the RX1217RP2 or RX1217 Synology expansion unit. In doing so, you will have a total of 40 drives without any disruptions to the host services. You also get 65,000 system-wide snapshots and 1,024 shared folder backups. The folder or file-level data restoration capability ensures faster and more flexible data recovery. Corrupted files can be detected and recovered without user intervention, thanks to the unit’s automatic file self-healing feature. Two-way synchronizations can also be performed.

The Hyper Backup app that comes with the unit keeps all your remote, Rysnc, cloud, and local backups under one roof. It also offers tips on 19 different backup types that you can exploit. The cloud features of the unit are exemplary. This is attested to by the unit’s Cloud Station server app that can deliver everything needed to create private backups and a file-sharing cloud. 

Faster Performance

RS4017xs+ is a powerful general-purpose NAS device, thanks to its 8-core 2.1GHz D-1541 Xeon CPU. This NAS device has an uprated CPU, which has seen it excel in 10GbE performance tests. It also performs admirably in I/O throughput tests. Even with two servers, the RS4017xs+ NAS device has aggregate Iometer read and write rates of 18.4 Gbps and 14 Gbps respectively. Similarly, the unit’s I/O performance test returned impressive aggregate read and write speeds of 270,000 IOPS and 151,000 IOPS, respectively.

For enhanced drive failure predictions and accurate drive monitoring, the IronWolf Health Management feature of the DSM 6.1 software comes in handy. You can access the functionality via the DSM Storage Manager app from where you can also run scheduled and on-demand health tests on designated drives.

Top-Notch Virtualization

RS4017xs+ allows you to manage several Synology servers simultaneously via a centralized interface, thus increasing administrative flexibility and efficiency. Most virtualizations are supported, thus enhancing work efficiency. VAAI and VMware vSphere 6 integration allow you to offload storage operations while optimizing computation productivity. Windows Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) accelerates migration and data transfer speeds.

Application and User Case

Synology designed unit for both business and home users. Its relative affordability also makes it suitable for SMEs that are looking for a high-performance yet affordable NAS appliance. RS4017xs+ is easy to use and provides remarkable file synchronization and sharing, data backup, multimedia, and remote access functionalities. Therefore, it is ideal for users who want to create a private and secure cloud for easy data access.

RS4017xs+ delivers an outstanding amount of storage space besides having plenty of room to expand your storage capacity. Its high-speed 10GbE connectivity ensures excellent performance during data storage, synchronization, and backups. Synology has a web portal that makes it easy for you to download the DSM 6.1 software, which is the backbone of this unit’s operation.

The presence of three hot-plug cooling fans ensures operational efficiency when the device is under heavy use. On the flipside, RS4017xs+ only supports two disk shelves, which is somehow restrictive for an appliance that costs a whopping $5,299.99. Likewise, the IHM feature doesn’t support 10TB drives at the moment. Even so, RS4017xs+ is still an impressive NAS device.

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