The Synology SA3600 is designed for large-scale data storage. Its comprehensive data protection solutions, including high-availability technology support, hybrid cloud integration, and multi-version backup for virtual machines and servers make it a reliable server for massive storage deployment.

Grow your business with Scalable and Fast Storage Servers

The Synology SA3600 is designed for large-scale data storage in a 12 bay rackmount form factor. Its comprehensive data protection solutions, including high-availability technology support, hybrid cloud integration, and multi-version backup for virtual machines and servers, make it a reliable server for massive storage deployment.

Expandable Storage with Outstanding Performance

The SA3600 is equipped with 16GB ECC RDIMM (up-gradable to 128 GB) and a Intel® Xeon® D-1567 12-core CPU to ensure data integrity and system performance. Offering dual built-in dual PCIe 3.0 slots and 10GBASE-T Ethernet for extension of 10/25/40GbE cards for network interface, the SA3600 provides more than 5,560 MB/s sequential throughput through aggregated 10Gb Ethernet.

With the ability to deliver raw capacity at the petabyte scale and scale up its storage to 180 drives, the SA3600 can quickly fulfill the need for massive surveillance deployment and video post-production. Supporting SATA and SAS drives without vendor lock-in, the SA3600 provides an expendable and elastic storage solution with an optimized total cost of ownership TCO).

Btrfs: Unbeaten Storage Efficiency

Through the introduction of the Btrfs file system, the SA3600 brings advanced storage technologies that cater to modern business management needs.

  • Advanced snapshot technology provides near-instantaneous and schedulable data protection of iSCSI LUNs and shared folders.
  • Folder and file level data restoration saves time and brings massive convenience for users who needs to restore just a single folder or file.
  • User Quota System and flexible Shared Folder provide comprehensive quota control on every shared folder and user account.
  • File self-healing enables Btrfs file system to recover corrupted data using interpretable RAID volumes, including RAID F1, RAID1, 5, 6, and 10, and to detect corrupted files automatically with mirrored metadata.

Ultimate Backup Solution

The SA3600 integrates different backup applications to protect your critical data, no matter the device with durable storage technologies and an intuitive user interface.

  • SaaS/virtual Machine/Server/Workstation backup: Active Backup for Business consolidates backup tasks for rsync/SMB file servers, servers, Windows PC, and virtual machines and provides different recovery options to ensure smallest RTO. Active Backup for G Suite/Office 365 is an on-premises backup method for public clouds with a consolidated dashboard, increasing storage efficiency through block-level deduplication and instancing technology.
  • NAS backup: Hyper Backup completely backs up your data to an rsync server, another Synology NAS, an external device, a local shared folder or Synology C2 Backup, Synology public cloud service, to ensure data availability and safety can be achieved when a disaster happens.
  • Computer backup: Synology Drive Client backs up your Linux, Mac, and Windows desktop to safeguard essential files. The SA3600 allows you to effortlessly back up your Mac to a Synology NAS, through its compatibility with Time Machine.

Smooth Virtualization Deployment

Synology’s Virtual Machine Manager gives your NAS boundless capabilities. You can configure and operate several virtual machines including Virtual DSM, Linux, and Windows on your NAS to expand the flexibility of your SA3600 with lowered maintenance costs and hardware deployment, isolate your customers' machines and test new versions of applications in a sandbox environment.

Synology iSCSI storage completely supports diverse virtualization solutions to improve work effectiveness with a straightforward management interface. VAAI and VMware vSphere™ 6.5 integration help optimizes computational efficiency and offload storage operations. While Windows Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) speeds up migration and data transfer, the support for OpenStack Cinder converts your SA3600 into a block-based storage solution.


The Synology SA3600 brings you ample data storage, 24 hours customer support, high cloud integration, multi-version backup for your virtual machines and servers. With its 5 year warranty and ample hardware features, it's definitely a contender to solve your data storage needs.

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