QNAP TVS-1282T3 Thunderbolt 3 NAS Servers

QNAP TVS-1282T3 Thunderbolt 3 NAS Servers

Thunderbolt 3 NAS server from QNAP is one of its kind, launched with collaboration between MAC and Window platforms. The need to access both Windows and Macs has been long overdue, finally QNAP is providing a NAS server solution to address this market need.

Thunderbolt 3 NAS Speed


The TVS-1282T3 maybe a perfect match for Thunderbolt-equipped Mac® and Windows® users for 4K workflows, file storage and sharing. Leveraging the 7th generation 14nm multi-core processors which are designed around the core principles of tiered storage application-based partitioning and network traffic distribution, allowing higher performance and fulfilling the demands made by Big Data. The higher bandwidth is ideally suited for creative businesses from photographers, video editors, filmmakers to graphic designers working on 4K/3D workflows. Basically, anyone with a MAC and Windows environment will benefit immensely, as will creative professionals that require fast storage and retrieval for editing purposes.
TVS-1282T3 for Mac and Windows


The TVS-1282T3 Thunderbolt 3 NAS is also equipped with dual 10GbE ports further accentuating the excellent turn in performance and enhancing flexibility for network connectivity. The Thunderbolt 3 ports are compatible with USB Type-C cables/devices and supports 10 Gbps USB 3.1 Gen2, providing compatibility with newer, faster USB devices for transferring large-sized media files.

QNAP Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet (T2E) 10GbE Network

QNAP has compensated for the lack of Apple computers that don’t natively support 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE), without the need for MAC users to purchase a Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet adapter to connect to the highspeed network. The T2E has eliminated the need for the adapter by allowing access to 10GbE network resources over a Thunderbolt connection to the TVS-1282T3. Thus, saving users to buy adapters and streamlining connectivity without jumping through hoops.
QNAP Thunderbolt To Ethernet 10Gbe Network

Thunderbolt To Ethernet


Ethernet NAS mode


The TVS-1282T3 also features Ethernet networking for flexible file sharing across multiple devices simultaneously using SMB/CIFS, AFP and NFS for sharing across Windows®, Mac® and Linux®/UNIX® networks. Use Qfinder Pro to find the TVS-1282T3 attached to your computer, and you can find the Thunderbolt IP and Ethernet IP for file sharing based on your needs.


TVS-1282T3 Ethernet NAS Mode

Cutting-edge NAS hardware for increased productivity

Advance hardware design with excellent application functionalities and flexible expansion capabilities gives the TVS-1282T3 a distinctive foundation for optimizing performance for diverse applications.

TVS-1282T3 Thunderbolt 3 NAS Performance


QNAP TVS-1282T3 Features:

    1. 4 x 2.5” SSD slots
  • Offers flexible configuration in tiered storage and enables cache acceleration.
  • Tool-less HDD tray and installation
  • 2.5" SSD trays and 3.5" hard drive trays feature tool-less design for easy installation and replacement.
    1. 2 x built-in M.2 SSD slots
    • Supports SATA M.2 SSDs with 2242, 2260, 2280, and 22110 form factors; allows the greatest flexibility in tiered storage configuration and enables cache acceleration.
      • DDR4 2133 MHz memory
      • Supports four DDR4 memory modules for a maximum of 64GB RAM.
      • 7thGeneration Intel® Core™ Processor
      • The latest 14nm manufacturing technology with faster buses supports DDR4, PCIe Gen.3, and DMI 3.0 to provide higher performance and more efficient data transmission than the previous generation.
      • 4 x Thunderbolt™ 3 connectors
      • Thunderbolt™ 3 provides up to 40 Gbps of bandwidth, allows USB Type-C devices, and supports USB 3.1 Gen2 for up to 10 Gb/s transfer speeds.
      • 2 x 10GBase-T network ports
      • Allows optimized network traffic distribution with the other four Gigabit Ethernet ports for diverse applications.
      • 4 x Gigabit Ethernet ports
      • Allows optimized network traffic distribution with the other two 10GbE ports for diverse applications. The Network & Virtual Switch app makes network management much easier.
      • 3 x HDMI outputs
      • Three HDMI ports support duplicated and extended desktop options.
      • Compartmentalized smart cooling
      • Separately detects the CPU and hard drive temperatures to dynamically control fan speed and performs quieter fan operations.
      • 3.5mm audio jack
      • Connect speakers or headphones for direct audio output from the NAS.
      • 2 x built-in speakers
      • Supports direct audio output and provides verbal system warnings.


      TVS-1282T3 Diskless Options: 

      Ordering P/N

      TVS-1282T3-i5-32G (SimplyNAS Exclusive)
      TVS-1282T3-i5-64G (SimplyNAS Exclusive)


      TVS-1282T3-i5-16G: Intel® Core™ i5-7500 3.4 GHz quad-core processor
      TVS-1282T3-i7-32G: Intel® Core™ i7-7700 3.6 GHz quad-core processor
      TVS-1282T3-i7-64G: Intel® Core™ i7-7700 3.6 GHz quad-core processor

      System memory


      Total DIMM slots: 4
      System memory: 16 GB DDR4 RAM
      Memory modules pre-installed: 8 GB x2
      Maximum memory: 64 GB (16 GB x4)


      Total DIMM slots: 4
      System memory: 32 GB DDR4 RAM
      Memory modules pre-installed: 8 GB x4
      Maximum memory: 64 GB (16 GB x4)


      Total DIMM slots: 4
      System memory: 64 GB DDR4 RAM
      Memory modules pre-installed: 16 GB x4

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