Synology DS916+ : Seamless storage solution for Photographers and Videographers

Synology DS916+ : Seamless storage solution for Photographers and Videographers

The Synology DS916+ is an award winning NAS with excellent performance reviews per our NAS experts and satisfied customers. It is currently one of our favorite NAS systems we highly recommend for creative professionals such as photographers and videographers.

As a photographer or videographer, shooting and editing is a challenge itself. Deciding how to store and organize your photos is another problem you do not have time to encounter. Therefore, you need this Synology to centralize your entire photo collection. Stop shifting through hard drives looking for a session you shot months ago and stay organized on a NAS.

How can the Synology DS916+ help creative professionals?

The Synology DS916+ is built and designed for the growing needs of professionals like photographers and videographers. Since these professions demand high productivity, flexibility and scalability, this NAS will be your best friend.

This NAS is more than capable of housing your files like any other NAS. The power and durability also allows you to edit your compressed files as well. The editor’s dream.


Current transfer speeds slowing your workflow?

Working off a single-core processor will slow you down. The Intel Pentium N3710 powerful quad-core processor allows you to work four times faster! No more waiting around for hours watching the import bar percentage slowly increase. 

Another great benefit of the Synology DS916+ is metadata mirroring and survivability which will could cut work time in half.  

How to keep your data protected?

The Synology not only satisfies your need for performance but also for data security. This full-featured 4-bay network attached storage solution is made for professionals who are all about next-generation data protection and security. 

This unit is equipped with AES-NI hardware encryption engine. The performance for this encryption is outstanding with results averaging at over 225.83 MB/s Reading, 209.35 MB/s Writing. Read more here

Synology DS916+ Cloud

With the Synology DS916+ you have an extra layer of protection with cloud station. This protects your workflow and makes your data accessible to you and authorized others anywhere you go wire free.  

Stop paying those exorbitant amounts of cloud storage subscription fees like Dropbox or Google Drive. As a photographer or videographer, you need a seamless storage solution for your virtualization environment.  

Client work should always stay protected

Re-shooting lost footage is near impossible and should never occur in your profession. It is imperative in your workflow to set up Time Machine backups with the Synology DS916+ in the background while you work which works more quickly than other NAS systems.

time machine back up

(For faster speeds you may want to add the DX-513 expansion unit as well)


Our Current Specials on the Synology DS916+ as of 6/5/2017 

Synology DS916+

Synology DS916+ 2GB 40TB (4x10TB) 4 bay NAS installed with Seagate IronWolf PRO enterprise drives

Synology DS916+ 2GB 30TB (3x10TB) 4 bay NAS installed with Seagate IronWolf PRO enterprise drives 

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