Now shipping the eagerly awaited Synology DS918+, originally shown at Computex 2017. The DS918+ is the first 4-bay from Synology that looks and feels like a DS1517+ with one less bay. So for Synology fans this is a big plus as with hot-swappable bays, it’s always easy to interchange drives.

Synology DS918+ Available at SimplyNAS

The successor to the DS916+, the DS918+ sports a new processor – Intel Quad-core J3455 with AES-NI – up to 2.3GHz, 4GB DDR3 – expandable to 8GB, and with a host of other extra’s which we shall cover shortly. This 4-bay is a serious statement from Synology and will happily compete with the likes of QNAP, Thecus and other NAS vendors to ensure they stay ahead of the storage demands needed for home and small businesses.

Synology DS918+ Sata Controller

The last few years Synology has worked feverishly transitioning its DSM software a notch or two above the rest of its competitors. Synology has been and continues to be a powerful tactician within the NAS operating system, their latest version of the DSM has almost reach the crescendo of being able to stand on its own as an operating system for all generic NAS servers. Synology are not just good with the operating system, they are excellent.


Why move up from the DS916+?

The DS918+ supersedes the DS916+ that is the only comparison between the two models. The DS918+ has a total makeover both internally and externally. Internally, sporting a new processor the Intel Quad-core J3455 with AES-NI – up to 2.3GHz, and more memory 4GB DDR3 it's expandable to 8GB more than that is a tad waste.  And with the addition of the new m.2 NVMe SSD offering means all caching options open to aid and abate increasing performance using the CPU and Memory as a catalyst to increase IOPS.

Synology DS918+ Memory Slots

In addition to caching, Storage Tiering becomes a viable option when integrating HDD and SSD combinations. Externally, the M.2 NVMe slots are located outside allowing a convenient slot in method without using any tools to avoid complications, nice touch!

Synology DS918+ m.2 NVMe

Finally, the Synology 4-Bay has hot-swappable trays having yearned for these for years! They have finally been incorporated and because of this upgrade and other major changes, we are now comfortable in our belief that Synology is serious about the 4-bay market and has finally admitted the lifecycle of 4-Bay NAS servers is still alive and kicking.


Features at a glance – DS918+

  • Quad-core Intel CPU J3455 with AES-NI – up to 2.3GHz
  • Though the J3455 consumes more power (10W vs. 6W compared with the N3710), but is noticeably 1.3 times faster than the N3710 in practice
  • 4GB DDR3 – expandable to 8GB
  • 2 2280 NVMeslots for SSD cache
  • 2 channel 4K H.264 / H265 video transcoding
  • BTRFS support and SHR / SHR-2 Support
  • Scalable to 9 drives using the Synology DX517 expansion chassis
  • Two rear mounted fans that can be completely controlled (a)
  • In terms of connectivity, the NAS has 3 USB 3.0 ports (including 1 on the front), 2 Gigabit network ports and 1 eSATA port
  • New Chassis with hot-swappable trays


 (a) Synology DS918+ Fans

Solutions at a glance – DS918+


  • Professional and small Businesses with no more than 20 staff and using a NAS for the first time. E.g. Legal, doctors/ medical offices, CPA’s etc.
  • Inter-departmental locations within Enterprise where storage is required for specific needs.
  • Home Users needing to extend beyond basic storage and want to stream video/audio and share digital data with family members.  
  • Photographers – Nice compact box take anywhere – never lose your images again, download and continue shooting – great for having a second unit so it can duplicate safeguarding against disasters.
  • Print/Publishing – Keep all repro work copies for future retention and save all graphics copy allowing changes on the fly as and when needed. Allow access to customer portals for artwork approval and allow customers to download digital copies to clients.
  • Mail Server – using the MailPlus suite will allow anyone to setup a secure, reliable and private mail server, easy to setup, it’s a great way to increase productivity.
  • The DS918+ supports storage for virtualization, with a small investment businesses can benefit from significant server performance, using SSD cache write mode, data is first written on SSD then flushed back to hard drives afterward.


Where to buy the Synology DS918+

Well right here at SimplyNAS of course, with our disk based configured systems you will not only get drives integrated but you will get drives that are on the compatibility list for the DS918+. Our NASBIT allows the inclusion of installing the RAID of your choice and burn testing the entire system, before being shipped, ready to use out of the box. After sales service is free details of how to reach us are provided with the purchased unit. Our expertise with Synology, dates back to over ten years, and as such we understand Synology NAS servers.


Synology DS918+ Diskless 4-bay High Productivity NAS- $599.99 

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Comparing DS918+ and DS916+ Head to Head

Synology DS918+ chart


 Synology DS918+


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  • Rene

    Does this thing support online array expansion? I would guess it does since it support hot swap but it’s not specifically stated anywhere. Want to know for sure.

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