Tackling a trio of the most difficult areas for a company whose focus is the data storage market, Drobo has managed to not only succeed, but rewarded for their efforts. The easy usage the company’s products present are matched by the ability to garner enough capacity to keep costs down. Then mix in key management features and valuable data protection components.

What customers end up with Drobo NAS/DAS equipment is innovative technology like Automated Data-Aware Tiering. The ability to expand storage in what amounts to a blink of the eye is something that helps Drobo stand out, with 120-terabyte capacity a prime indicator of just how much storage is possible.

The customers using Drobo NAS/DAS already have the company’s signature innovation already built into their product. The Beyond RAID is how such expansion can quickly take place, with past issues like drive failures, expansion issues or fixed RAID levels no longer a concern.

It doesn’t matter if the storage is direct-attached or network-attached, Drobo has it covered. In the direct area, there’s the Mini, 5C, 5D and 5Dt, while the network has 5N and B810n. For the ISCSI market, there’s the B810i and B1200i, for those small and medium-sized businesses that need cost controls.
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