HGST Hard Drives

Having a choice when it comes to HGST hard drives is never really an issue, considering that HGST has nine different options available. Each have an Enterprise hard drive, with six of them containing a helium platform of 3.5 inches, with the remaining three coming in with their platform set at 2.5 inches each.

For the HGST Enterprise Helium hard drives, each has no less than one terabyte, with half of them reaching to 10 terabytes and above. The 7K2 and 7K6000 may be at the lower end of the spectrum, but each still has plenty of space available and with their enterprise status, are some of the best hard drives available on the market today.

The Helium trio make up the He series, with the respective numbers of 8, 10 and 12. The numbers represent their maximum terabyte capacity, with the latter two being drop-in ready. All three can be valuable energy savers, with the He10 and 12 both seeing energy efficiencies of better than 45 per cent when matched up against air-filled drives.
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