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Using Infortrend NAS has allowed countless companies the opportunity over more than two decades to come up with answers when it comes to issues over network storage solutions. An evolution with respect to those systems has been possible, primarily due to the company’s commitment to research and development.

These have worked for block-based and file-based applications, taking into consideration that adapting conditions for individual businesses. The amount of data that they need to address through Infortrend NAS has greatly expanded, yet the technological steps forward have allowed cost containment to be one of the benefits that have come across.

The reason stems from focused growth that’s been able to put a greater premium on data protection, both from a security perspective and one that guards against data crashes. It’s also allowed for greater utilization of resources and a more streamlined management system that prizes simplicity.

The EonStor GS Unified Storage Systems: GS 3012, 3016 AND 3024B offer complete coverage and pave the way for taking advantage of cloud-based options. With the two GSe choices, cloud-integration is an arbitrary decision, yet efficiency is still one of the cornerstones of the entire package. That’s because consolidation is the key, with only one file that combines with a system of block and object storage.
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