QNAP TS-328-2G

QNAP’s TS-328 was designed with the frugal home and small business users in mind, who essentially wanted a pocket-friendly price with RAID 5 capability, and with Qnap’s first triple-drive NAS appliance and a price tag of only $249, looks to have achieved its goal.

It employs a quad-core 1.4GHz Realtek RTD1296 64-bit CPU which is a slightly improved version of the RTD1295 version found in Qnap’s 2-bay TS-228A. Key differences are the RTD1296 has two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, one more USB 3 port and, crucially, an extra SATA interface. The TS-328 has 2GB of non-upgradeable DDR4 memory which will be enough to run most common storage-related tasks. The two Gigabit ports lurk at the rear and are partnered by USB 3 and USB 2 ports while the second USB 3 port sits at the front of the one-touch copy button

The TS-328 is perfect for home users and small offices that want the benefits of RAID5 protection but without having to pay extra for a 4-bay appliance. Along with superb performance, it’s packed to the gills with data backup, file sharing, cloud services plus multimedia features and all at a very affordable price.

At SimplyNAS.com we provide multiple configurations available which are put through our NASBIT testing so your machine is plug-in ready. If you need to personalize your new QNAP TS-328, call us at 407-960-4690 to speak to a NAS expert today. 

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QNAP TS‑328 ‑ 3 Bay Diskless
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QNAP TS-328 3TB 3 Bay NAS - TS-328-3TB-ES
Regular price $ 655.00
QNAP TS-328 6TB 3 Bay NAS - TS-328-6TB-ES
Regular price $ 708.00
QNAP TS-328 9TB 3 Bay NAS - TS-328-9TB-IW
$ 609.00 Regular price $ 785.00
QNAP TS-328 12TB 3 Bay NAS - TS-328-12TB-HN
$ 695.00 Regular price $ 825.00
QNAP TS-328 12TB 3 Bay NAS - TS-328-12TB-ES
$ 731.00 Regular price $ 825.00
QNAP TS-328 18TB 3 Bay NAS - TS-328-18TB-ES
Regular price $ 899.00
QNAP TS-328 24TB 3 Bay NAS - TS-328-24TB-ES
Regular price $ 1,081.00
QNAP TS-328 30TB 3 Bay NAS - TS-328-30TB-ES
Regular price $ 1,360.00
QNAP TS-328 24TB 3 Bay NAS - TS-328-24TB-EH
Regular price $ 1,056.00

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