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With examples of their handiwork all across the globe, QSAN has been able to take its place among the elite level when it comes to design in storage technology. The array of awards it’s won over the years is one example of their collective skill set.

The steady flow of technology that’s been part of the company’s legacy first involved an ISCSI RAID controller system in 2005, just one year after the company was founded. Four years later, a 10-gigabyte version, the P500Q, came around, followed three years after that by the award-winning U600Q TrioNAS LX.

The company’s products are broken down into three specific categories: DAS/JBOD, SAN and Unified Storage/NAS. Blow are examples of each:

Direct-attached storage means choosing the XD5300, especially for things like cloud storage, the running of a data center, broadcasting, streaming or video editing. One key difference from other products is that two more storage bays are part of the package.

The product line for SAN involves the AegisSAN LX, which is designed for environments with virtualization, media and HPC as its main aspects. The AegisSAN Q500 is designed for SMB storage systemsm. Finally, the AegisSAN V100 serves as protective backup, works in conjunction with IT applications and surveillance.

With Unified Storage, the expenses for hardware diminish and multiple file servers aren’t needed. This is for companies with one eye on the work and one eye on their budget, with TrioNAS supporting each protocol in a single box.