Seagate Hard Drives

Different hard drives require different approaches, which describes Seagate hard drives that focus on the Enterprise Performance and Capacity markets. The choices below take into consideration different requirements:

  • With the Enterprise Capacity 3.5. HDD, the ST8000NM0075 provides eight terabyte capacity and advanced cache writing.
  • Six terabyte capacity with the ST6000NM0024 helps ensure that applications related to bulk-data are handled in a prompt and efficient manner.
  • Choosing the ST6000NM0034 also provides for six terabytes, offering dual interface ports and a maximum sustained transfer rate OD of up to 226 megabytes per second.
  • The ST4000NM0055 brings with it four terabyte capacity with an MTBF of 2 million hours and provides spindle speed performance of 7200.
  • One more four terabyte-capable hard drive is the ST4000NM0034, which is like its fellow hard drives in offering ramp load technology and a reduced consumption of power.
  • While the capacity of the ST2000NM0024 is only two terabytes, it does offer consistency in operation, thanks to its rotational vibration tolerance.
  • Another two-terabyte model, the ST2000NM0055, offers a 512n SATA format which allows for rapid storage of data.
  • With the Helium models, the ST10000NM0016 has 10-terabyte capacity, yet is light enough and uses a minimum amount of power that makes it invaluable when it comes to rack space efficiency.
  • For the Archive Hard Drives, the ST8000AS0002 offers a sustainable transfer rate of 190 megabytes per second and has 1.33TB-per-disk hard drive technology in place.
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