Synology NAS

When it comes to the Synology NAS, you have your choice of six different hard drive bays, ranging from one to 12 bays in each of them. In the case of the FS3017 and RS4017xs+, which are part of the FS/XS (+) series, you’ll have the capability of even more bays.

That series is one of four different ones by Synology, joined by the J, the Value and the Plus. The selection can depend on whether the form is rackmount or desktop, with the different LAN ports encompassing one, two, four and 10. In the latter case, the built-in or optional selection is available.

Both the hardware and software features are stocked with a variety of considerations. The Hardware may have upgradeable RAM, hot-swappable drives, an expandable storage capacity, SAS drive support, an encryption engine or 64-bit architecture. On the software front, devices may have Synology High Availability, MailPlus, Virtual DSM, Docker DSM, a Btrfs file system or snapshot replication.

In the area of video transcoding, five Synology NAS models are 4K-equipped, with three of these coming from the Plus series and the others from the Value. There are 10 others that are 1080p-equipped, including eight others from Plus and two more from Value.

Whichever option is selected for the Synology NAS by a customer will be based on the number of people that will simultaneously be using it and how much storage space is required.
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Synology DS720+ Diskless 2-bay DiskStation NAS
Regular price $ 431.00
Synology DS920+ Diskless 4-bay High Productivity NAS
Regular price $ 559.99
Synology SA3600 12 Bay Diskless 2U SAS NAS Flash Based Server
Regular price $ 7,687.00
Synology Unified Controller UC3200 Diskless Active-active IP SAN
Regular price $ 6,139.00
Synology RXD1219sas Diskless Expansion Unit
Regular price $ 3,075.00
Synology RS820RP+ (Diskless) 4-Bay NAS
Regular price $ 1,302.00
Synology RS820+ (Diskless) 4-Bay NAS
Regular price $ 943.00
Synology SA3400 12 Bay Diskless SAS NAS Flash Based Server
$ 5,989.00 Regular price $ 6,495.00
Synology FlashStation FS3400 24 Bay Diskless Flash Storage Array
Regular price $ 6,458.00
Synology DS2419+ Diskless 12-bay SATA 2.5" / 3.5" NAS Server
Regular price $ 1,568.00
Synology DS1019+ Diskless 5-bay High Productivity NAS
Regular price $ 686.00
Synology DiskStation DS1819+ 8 Bay Diskless NAS
Regular price $ 994.00
Synology RackStation RS1619xs+ 4 Bay Diskless 1U Rackmount NAS
Regular price $ 1,999.99
Synology RS1219+ (Diskless) 8-Bay NAS
Regular price $ 1,230.00
Synology DS1618+ Diskless 6-bay NAS Server
Regular price $ 789.00
Synology RS2418+12bay NAS RackStation RS2418+ (Diskless)
Regular price $ 1,743.00
Synology 12bay NAS RackStation RS2418RP+ (Diskless)
Regular price $ 2,357.00
Synology NAS RS3618xs 12-Bay Rackstation (Diskless)
Regular price $ 2,767.00
Synology FlashStation FS1018 12-Bay Diskless NAS Server
Regular price $ 1,639.00
Synology RX418 Diskless 4-Bay NAS
Regular price $ 574.00
Synology DS418 Diskless 4-bay DiskStation NAS
Regular price $ 400.00


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