Western Digital Hard Drives

A favorite color for some people might ordinarily be based on a personal choice, but for those using Western Digital hard drives, it’s an apt description of their needs in this area. Four different colors help describe four different requirements, each having differing levels of value for the user.

WD drives that come in black are available for either a customer’s performance desktop or mobile device. Not surprisingly, the capacity for the desktop version offers a great deal more than its counterpart, ranging anywhere from one to six terabytes. In contrast, the mobile covers anywhere from 250 gigabytes to a single terabyte.

Western Digital hard drives in blue serve PC desktop and mobile units, as well as sshd PC desktops. Depending on needs, the PC desktop handles from 500 gigabytes to six terabytes, while the SSHD version ranges from one to four terabytes. The mobile version spans from 500 gigabytes to one terabyte.

The NAS hard drive has a distinctive red color, with capacity that also possesses a wide range of between one to eight terabytes. Meanwhile, the purple WD drives have that same capacity, but is focus strictly on the surveillance side of the picture. One important thing to remember for the surveillance hard drive is that it only comes in the 3.5-inch form factor.
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