Guide to Buying a Diskless NAS



Check for compatibility

All manufacturers have a compatibility list for products that work with their individual NAS systems; the list is compiled as a result of testing carried out by the manufacturer to eliminate any possible conflicts that may occur with peripherals being added to their systems. One of the most important aspects of this is that of adding Hard Disk Drives. Please refer to this list carefully when purchasing a diskless system as use of non-compatible products including hard disk drives may seriously damage your chances of retaining data safely. Data Loss can and will occur.

Establish if the NAS will work on your platform selected

All NAS products provided are based on a heterogeneous environment so compatibility should not be an issue. However, when you buy diskless it is prudent to carry out due diligence to ensure the system you are buying will indeed work with your environment. All manufacturers provide comprehensive specifications that leverage the required information.

Support for Diskless

We have very little control when a diskless unit is purchased as far as quality build, testing and integrity of the system is concerned. We do not open any diskless units as they are shipped unopened and sealed from our warehouse. Any DOA units and support for the diskless products purchased are direct with the manufacturer. Should you have an issue regarding warranty or returns we would be pleased to help.

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