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Do you have a NAS that's outdated? Don't want to get stuck with an oversized paperweight? Need money to purchase a new one? Not sure what to do with your old NAS? Let us help you with our NAS Buy-back Program. We are offering to buy your old NAS AND give you a discount on the purchase of a new unit.

Please fill out the following details regarding your current system. We will provide you with an offer to purchase once reviewed.

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What We Buy

We will buy back network attached storage devices from the following manufacturers:

  • QNAP
  • Synology
  • Drobo
  • Buffalo
  • Netgear
  • Asustor
  • QSAN
  • Terramaster
  • LaCie
  • Promise
  • G-Tech
  • Nexsan
  • Overland
What We Don't Buy

We do not buy back any of the following:

  • Hard Drives or SSDs
  • External Hard Drives
  • MAC Time Machines
  • Tape Backup
  • USB Flash Drives and Memory Cards
  • Optical Drives and Media
  • Personal Computers
  • Laptops and Tablets
  • Cell phones
  • Routers, modems or switches
  • Servers
  • Stand alone backup devices or their media

Frequently Asked Questions

Most customers will get a quote back within 72 hours of their submission, however older NAS models may take slightly longer.

Yes, definitely. The value assigned to your NAS is directly tied to how much we will be able to sell it for after it's tested and refurbished.

We will verify the resale value of your NAS and give you our offer to buy yours based on that.

Once we receive your unit, it will be inspected and tested for functionality. Upon completion, we will send you back the inspection report along with our final offer that is based on the findings in the report. It may be less than our original offer if we find the NAS will need to be refurbished in any way.

If you find our offer to be less than you are willing to accept, we will package your NAS back up and provide you with a cost for shipping the unit back to you. Once paid, we will send it out and provide you with tracking.

Our Buyback Process

The first thing is to fill out the form above and provide us with accurate and true details about the condition of your unit. Give us as much information as possible to assist in providing you with the best offer we can.

Once our team reviews and evaluates your NAS, we'll respond to you with our valuation. We'll present our findings of your NAS in a formal quote. Once accepted, we'll send you a Purchase Order containing payment terms, shipping instructions and a breakdown on the value of your NAS. Newer model NAS are generally worth more than older models, but no matter what you have we will do our best to make sure we will provide you with a fair value assessment.

You are responsible for shipping the unit to us. If you have the original boxes and packing material, that actually makes your unit worth a little more. Make sure to package it to protect against shipping damage and we would also recommend insurance to mitigate loss or damage during transit. We also request that you send us tracking details so that we are aware that it's coming to us so our warehouse staff can receive it and get it to our testing department.

When your NAS arrives to our facility, we conduct a physical and technical inspection of it. We first check to ensure no damage occurred in shipping. From there, we go through our external and internal inspection and then run it through our testing process. Once all inspections and testing has completed, we will present you with a summation of our findings.

When you agree to our post inspection and testing payment offer, our Accounts Payable Department will process your payment quickly and efficiently. We strive to have one of the fastest and most efficient buyback programs in the market today, and work hard so you receive payment fast.

Have questions about our Buyback Program?

Send your questions to and we'd be happy to answer them.

The Fine Print

While we strive to be able to offer you cash back for your unit, not every NAS is able to be resold. We have the right to refuse purchase for any unit that we deem not viable for this purpose. That includes any unit known to exhibit issues for reliability or failure, models that are outdated or unfit for use with today's drives. However, we may be able to offer you a trade in value for the unit. We also reserve the right to refuse purchase if a unit that is sent to us is found to be misrepresented in it's condition from the original information provided to us. Return shipping charges will need to be paid before the unit is returned to you.

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