New Year's Resolution NAS Giveaway

We are finally announcing the winner of our contest. Due to sales tax issues, our original winner refused to take delivery as they reside in the state of Florida. We are happy to announce that our alternate winner, Mr. Matt Rosenberg of Erie, PA has gladly accepted delivery of the prize unit.

"I am extremely happy to have won the QNAP TS-677 NAS loaded with 10TB Seagate drives. After unboxing it and reviewing the specifications, I can see this is a very high performance unit that is flexible in many ways. I already know this NAS will benefit me greatly; I work in IT and always have projects going on at home for test purposes, anything from building a Windows domain and running multiple virtual machines assigned to running Linux VMs. I’ve also recently started experimenting with video editing and capturing video from all the trips I take, now I have an infinite (almost) amount of storage space as well flexibility to view my finished content through the built in Plex server."

Matt Rosenberg

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