Pixel Acuity

Repeated storage and processing issues led Pixel Acuity to purchase a QNAP NAS with Thunderbolt from SimplyNAS storage solutions. This has improved day-to-day workflow in terms of consistency of storage, accessibility and processing speed.

  • Eric Wilcox, Partner




Pixel Acuity focuses on archival-quality digital preservation of cultural heritage objects, from film, manuscripts, paintings and sculptures to vehicles and esoteric collections. Pixel Acuitys; highly trained and experience professionals, have worked on virtually every type of digital imaging project. From grant writing to daily management and production, they have been involved in all aspects of the process. They have firsthand understanding gf clients concerns. Whether striving to surmount unique challenges in-site or off-site, Pixel Acuity is prepared to adapt to your situation and find a solution.




All files we locally saved and not shared centrally, with numerous users in various location, with files being localized these created no end of problems when accessibility to files was required, and even a greater problem when access to files were needed off-site. Our need was to access files centrally and for users to have access remotely to data on the fly, always on.  




After numerous deliberations with SimplyNAS product experts we narrowed down our selection to a couple of NAS models. The critical factors were reliability, performance, features as well as suitability all within our required budget. SimplyNAS recommended the QNAP TVS-871T model with 30TB, supporting MAC users with the Thunderbolt option, and with extensive backup, cloud, and scalability features added with DAS/NAS and iSCSI features the flexibility of the QNAP was too good to ignore.




We are far more efficient and effective. Each staff member knows the storage drilldown and how to quickly and easily find files. Time is no longer wasted copying files or waiting for external hard drives to arrive. Everyone can sit down, log in, access the necessary files and start work almost immediately.


Implementing the QNAP with Thunderbolt option provided us with consistent management of data both on and off-site, with centralized storage and management access to the system for multiple users to process data quickly and with ease all simultaneously. The added cloud option provided us the opportunity to save critical files as a backup repository for disaster recovery. This was a game-changer for our business.


Recommended Models

-        TVS-871T-i5-16G: Quad -core Intel Core i5-4590S 3.0GHz

-        6 x 5TB Seagate Enterprise 7200rpm drives using RAID 5


Recommended Features

-        Thunderbolt 2 Turbo vNAS with DAS/NAS/iSCSI SAN Triple Solution

-        4K video playback, transcoding and no-the-fly editing

-        Scalable up to 56 hard drives

-        Tiered storage with SSD caching

-        Backup & Disaster recovery solutions

-        Storage Management

-        File Storage & Sharing

-        Cross-device file synchronization

-        CloudBackup Station



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