SimplyNAS Code of Ethics

Sales Principles

  1. We agree not to spread rumors or innuendo in respect to any of our competitors financial and business practices, or employee conduct.
  2. We will compete on our own merits rather than demeaning the competition.
  3. We agree to represent each manufacturer products based on reliability, performance, support services, features and value for money, all independently, irrespective of our relationship with our direct manufacturers.
  4. We will at all times retain and protect our customers privacy and confidentiality.
  5. We will always be passionately respectful and maintain the highest level of respectability for our customers.

Customer Service

  1. We agree not to promise our customers pricing or service levels that we know cannot be met without compromising the solution or services that we are providing for that customer.
  2. We promise not to sell any refurbished or used equipment as new.
  3. We promise not to misrepresent what a product can do – including its performance or capabilities.
  4. We promise not to substitute components in products without first consulting and informing our customers of the additions and the impact they may have on the price and performance of the product.

Hiring Principles

  1. We agree not to hire any sales people from our competitors
  2. We agree that we will not hire a team of top executives, sales and technical employees from a competitor with the aim of stealing the intellectual capital related to that competitor and moving it to our firm.

Representation of our Company

  1. We agree not to misrepresent our company either online or in the field in order to obtain proprietary information on our competitor’s business strategy, pricing and solution provider methodology.
  2. We agree to behave with the highest professional, legal and ethical standards when representing our company.
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