Welcome to the New SimplyNAS

Welcome to our new site which has come about as a result of the tremendous feedback we have received from our customers as well as the developing trends within the NAS sector, whilst keeping a keen eye on ensuring our customers can stay ahead of the storage curve.

Before we leap into details of the new site and how things are done, we need to share the two new website initiatives we have deployed:

www.simplynas.com – Our updated site, with the ability to select your own components and allow users to select the services required – i.e. if you want a Ram Upgrade, then select it as an option, if not, you will get what you have ordered as is. So basically this site is tailored to users that wish to make choices based on individual components and services.

www.simplynasbusiness.com – All NAS and related products are configured, tested units ready to use out of the box. We also offer extended warranties, telephone support as well as specially tailored support packages allowing customers to get what they need to support their critical storage deployments.

Using the New SimplyNAS.com Website

Our start here section is designed to assist visitors/customers in navigating through our many products. We want to make sure that you are able to do so with ease and find exactly what you want and need quickly. So, we strongly encourage you to read on and ensure you become familiar with what and how we help you buy your next NAS.

Major Changes

Purchasing Products – We have changed the way you can buy a NAS – we no longer create a total all inclusive system as products for purchase. Many users wanted the opportunity to select diskless models and add drives, more memory, and other services that we provide allowing a more competitive pricing structure as well as the ability to choose exactly what users wanted. This new model allows you to customize your purchase and get exactly what you need.

All NAS units are listed as diskless and include an options section to enable you to choose any drives you want, and how many, additional components for the system, and also any testing services you require. There is also a RAID configuration section to allow you to let us know how you want the unit set up.

Product Navigation

All products can be accessed via the top menu, the options are detailed below to assist you in finding what you need quickly.

  • NAS – You will find all NAS related products by manufacturer or bays. Choose the option that works best for you. All relevant accessories, our NAS diskpaks and expansion units are also located under this heading.
  • Manufacturers– We have redesigned our Navigation to allow you to open a mega menu with all manufacturers listed. Entering these pages opens up a page that breaks down the NAS selections by their intended business categories.
  • Customer Service– We have an expanded array of services to offer for our customers. This includes post sales services, installation services, and extended warranties.
  • NAS Diskpaks – In order to make the selection and configuration process easier on customers, we have brought back our NAS Diskpaks and positioned them integrally in the purchase process. Instead of selecting individual drives for purchase, you can choose from a bundle of pre-selected drives so that you can quickly choose your Brand, Model, and size drives without combing through pages of products. These Diskpaks are also sold separately and are tested prior to shipping.
  • News – We have a brand new section on our site where we will be posting weekly updates on NAS, HDDs, and new technologies. We are also planning on publishing articles on how Network Attached Storage can benefit certain industries and open up new avenues of optimizing existing workflows.

At all times we have endeavored to keep it as simple as we could without compromising the ability of choice so users ultimately benefit. We welcome any suggestions to help improve your buying experience with us. 

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