Taking advantage of all that digital content has to offer means finding a way to not only present it without issue, but also provide other viable options to view it and to have a greater focus on security. Thecus NAS finds a way to deliver such services in an organized fashion for those at the enterprise level.

Speed optimization is one of the hallmarks of the Thecus experience, which can be invaluable when it comes to dealing with data such as streaming or other digital collections. Customers have a high level of expectation when they consume this type of product, which is why software and drivers are frequently updated to accommodate the rapid changes in this market.

The mobile world isn’t about to sit still, which is why adapting to this market and keeping watch on your network is so important. The available functions of can be enhanced with things like external software modules.

Of course, data protection is meant to handle both unwanted intrusions and those devastating crashes that might otherwise ruin a business. Thecus NAS has Backup Utility in place to add a layer of protection, with RAID functionality protecting the physical side.

Governmental data is something that requires intensely-focused protection and immediate fixes in place. Thecus NAS devices can bolster security, to ease concerns concerns at the highest levels, which is something that makes all citizens rest easier.
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